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Make Up Your Mind! 

Guidance is an important part of your bright future. Every person has potential. With the proper guidance,  you can unleash your inner strength and work to have a good life. You only need to make up your mind about what you want to do.

Individualized &
Customized ​Training 

Not everybody has technical education or training or work experience, but everybody has some potential to enhance their knowledge. We'll find out which options are a good fit for you and try to fit it toward your interests. According to our analysis, we'll train you and prepare you for the job market. Our experts know where you'll fit in and how long it will take to achieve those careers.

Different People;
Different Approaches to Learn

We know what we have to teach you to find a good career. It's our job to find the best way you can learn and teach you accordingly. Our goal is to put you in the path of success. Our expertise is to find out your short comings and turn them into strengths. 

Exam Prep

We'll prepare you for your certification exams; with mock exams and practice exams. You'll be ready for the exam and learn more about your job of choice at the same time.

What we'll do
Preparing Your Resume:

We'll prepare a resume with your personal experiences and education. Resumes are the first impression of a job candidate. Preparing your resume allows you to condense all your experience and knowledge for potential employers. 


Interview Prep:

We'll teach you the technology at the same time we're preparing you for the interview with. You'll be comfortable and ready for whatever job interview you have.

Provide Assistance:

First time jobs will be challenging. Our guidence and support will be with you the entire time until you're comfortable in your position. You can always contact our online support, and even contact your previous teacher if need be.



F train to 169th street



168-43 Hillside Ave

2nd Floor 

Jamaica, NY 11432


Long Island: 



7 Jaymie Dr,

Westbury, NY 11590

Phone: 516-200-3990




148 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017

[ between Lex and 3rd]

Phone: 516-200-3990

Jackson Heights:

37-22 73rd Street

Jackson Heights

NY 11732

Phone: 516-200-3990


You can join us in an online class as well! There will be virtual labs to participate in hands-on work.

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