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Custom-Made career
Preparation Program

We'll prepare you for your career. Our experienced instructors are trained to teach you real life day to day activities in the job place and how to get certified in that field. Please take a look  below, why we're different then other training facilities.

Why this training program is unique

Job focused training:

We'll prepare you according to the career you selected. Our target to achieve the highest quality job and grow in that field accordingly.  For example, if you choose to be a network engineer, we'll provide you training for CCNA certification then provide you hands on in the actual Cisco switch and router. Also to be a successful network engineer, we'll provide you training for firewall and load balancer. 

Unique Exam preparation:
For certification, we'll provide you summarize lectures to achieve certification within short time. Depends on your situation we'll design your time and you'll enjoy our teaching procedures.

Certified instructors:

All of our instructors are certified in their field. Also they have full time job in one of the prestigious company in the USA.

Virtual Lab for remote practice:

our virtual private lab will be created for you only. You can practice from anywhere.  Each student has facility to login remotely. You don't need to hassle for downloading GNS3 or buy Cisco switches and routers. Our virtual lab has Switch, router, F5 load balancer, Firewalls.

Hardware and software installation:

Our each instructor will monitor your hardware and software installation and configuration, until you  feel that you can perform independently

Initial support in the Job:

We'll provide you support up to the job interview. Not only that in your job place, you'll be nervous and forget small things that you already know. In that situation, you can chat with your instructor and get quick help which will increase your confidence that somebody always there for you.

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